Eternal Works

Since 1999 Re-established in 2013

Our Team

We Are All Creatives!

Creativity doesn’t stop at the designer’s desk. Our goal is to provide the best solutions to our clients. At E-W, everyone involved in the project has a voice and the opportunity to be heard. This takes the experience of artisans who are willing to expand their minds and talents together to create something that will be remembered… an Eternal Work. It’s this type of collaboration that results in the most innovative award winning solutions.


Producers at EW are energetic and exciting people who love meeting and talking with anyone. They like to build and grow relationships and communicate ideas and expectations clearly.


Directors at EW are typically optimistic, but not at the expense of reality. They are effective communicators, have a high energy (maybe even goofy or quirky), but are composed, detail oriented, adapt quickly and get a thrill out of delivering things right and on time if not early.


Architects are responsible for working with the producers, directors, designers, engineers and analysts to develop the project scope, time line and budget; as well as, creating site maps, wire frames, flow charts and prototypes.


While our designers are passionate about being creative they are even more passionate about designing to accomplish the clients’ goals. They understand that design is intentional and think through solutions.


EW developers deliver top notch solutions in the best way. They are driven by not only making the solution work, but with light, clean, smart code. No patchwork here.


Our analysts want to see our clients and EW reach their goals. They read through stats, analytics, manage user testing, look over data and research all types of information and evaluate content.


To make this project its greatest possible success we need you! Your expertise, insight, feedback and opinions all matter and are a key part of the solution.